This program has been such a life changer for our family. The changes we have seen over the 14 weeks are absolutely amazing—we met or are close to meeting all of our goals. I feel we have our life back and are so thankful for the incredible years/dinosaur school. Lauren and Emily are rockstars!

- Mother, son age 4


We cannot express enough how much we value The Incredible Years/Dinosaur School program given how it quite literally changed our lives. Having participated in other parenting programs in our search for help with a “hard to parent” child, we appreciate the complete program that Carolyn Webster-Stratton has developed.  The 25+ years of research based study makes The Incredible Years stand head-and-shoulders above other behavior therapy programs.  Its unique approach in offering group behavior therapy for children while separately working with parents to develop the skills needed to positively parent these great kids guarantees that the whole family is put on the right path for success.  The length of the program provides the necessary time needed to change behaviors, apply new skills and receive all the essential support needed to achieve success. The investment in your child, your family and your happiness is worth every effort, every care and every dollar.  If you let it, The Incredible Years behavior therapy program will change your life too.

- Parents, son age 10

This program has changed our lives. Our son's behavior and academic performance have improved and we have a happier household. We are so happy we found the Incredible Years program and would recommend it to any parent.

- Father, son age 8

We have been very happy since completing the Incredible Years program. We saw great benefits during the program itself, but we have continued to watch our daughter build on the skills that she learned. She can name her feelings in a much more appropriate way now, and though we do still have "moments" we find that she calms down from them much more easily and will talk about the reasons why she's upset, and come up with strategies to make herself feel better - without prompting from us. She's also no longer afraid to talk about her positive feelings either. Hearing my six year old daughter tell me she loves me, without reservation or anxiety in her voice, is better than I could possibly imagine.

- Parent, daughter age 6


While the parenting component was great for me in so many ways, I've seen [my son] absolutely shine. This program has changed our life in a relatively short time. His dad, too, was impressed with your team's commitment to the program and care of the kids. 

- Parent, son age 7


Our son is so bright and loving, but his increasing frustration, anger and outbursts were becoming a huge problem and concern for us.  At first we were reluctant to sign up for Dinosaur School and the Parenting Program due to the time commitment and cost.  We are SO GLAD we signed up because our home is more peaceful, our relationship with our son is more healthy and positive and he is doing better in school and with his friends.  We highly recommend this program if you have a challenging child. Our family life is so much better since we started working with you and I am enjoying our son so much. His behaviors before got in the way of me enjoying his wonderful personality and deep mind.  And he is so much happier and more confident.  This change would have NEVER occurred without your Dinosaur School and follow-up guidance.  We are deeply, deeply grateful.

- Parent, son age 9


*If you would like to speak to a parent who has gone through the program with their child, we have parents who have volunteered to speak to families interested in the program. Let us know and we can arrange this for you.